Class C wins two Emmy awards!


Class C crew at the Emmys.

Class C crew at the Emmys.

Thank you!

Thank you!



~ by classcmovie on June 3, 2009.

6 Responses to “Class C wins two Emmy awards!”

  1. Congratulations to the whole Class C crew on the Emmy wins. You all did a great job on making and producing this film, I look forward to seeing it again!

  2. Congrats on the two Emmy wins. Very well-deserved for such a wonderful film. I’m very happy for the Class C crew. 🙂

  3. Will Class C be shown at anymore film festivals?

  4. When Class C was aired on Montana PBS, I recorded it. Today I sat back down and watched it again and was moved to tears just the same as the first time i watched it. I was with the Scobey Spartan team when the lost the championship game and I still think of those girls as “my” girls. Thank you for portraying what it really means to be part of a small town!

  5. HEY GUYS!!! it’s me!! the tallest girl in class C basketball!!! hehe….i know it’s like years later but YOU GUYS ARE FABULOUS!!! hope we meet up again some day!!! great movie btw! steller acting! just kidding 😉

  6. There is so much to be said about this documentary; from the history of the teams, the family’s and their towns and then scenery of beautiful Montana. Class C has a way of making the viewer (myself included) a fan of every single team, town and player in the movie. After growing fond of everyone, you are placed in a position were you experience excitement of victory and the pain of defeat simultaneously.
    I didn’t see the inevitable coming, I was forced to watch my favorite teams win and lose against each other for the championship title. I have never experienced that rollercoaster of emotion before. A MUST C

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